Seahawks News: Drew Lock, LOB 2.0, and national predictions

  • Drew Lock is limping?
  • What people think about Week 6
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Drew Lock hurt? Uh-oh.

Drew Lock tweaked his ankle by stepping on another player's ankle during Wednesday's practice and this prompted the Seahawks to sign Holton Ahlers. Ahlers went through training camp with Seattle and played in the preseason, but the team didn't see enough value in what he brought to the team to keep him consistently on the practice squad. But now, Ahlers is back.

not practicing because of an ankle injury a few days before a game is a scary thought (especially to those few 12s who somehow think Lock should be playing over Geno Smith). While Seattle has had good luck over most of the last decade-plus of their starting quarterbacks not getting injured, if Lock has to miss Sunday, or would be extremely limited if he does play, and something happens to Smith, Ahlers would be the QB. Oof.

One of Lock's strengths is his ability to move around and roll out and throw. An injured ankle would clearly make that difficult.

Maybe Seattle also just wanted a QB3 (Ahlers) instead of having QB3 being DeeJay Dallas. And that's not a joke. According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, after Geno Smith had to leave for a couple of series in Week 4 had Drew Lock also been forced from the game then Dallas would have come in at QB.

Now whether Holton Ahlers is a better quarterback than DeeJay Dallas (I assume he is but it was still really fun to write that sentence), is up for debate. What is clear is that if Drew Lock is potentially limited during the game due to injury then the Seahawks have just to pray to the football gods that Geno Smith has no indication of being hurt himself. Otherwise, Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet might split 60 carries a game between them.