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National pundits kick their Week 6 predictions around

So here is what I think will happen in Week 6 and you can bet money on it: One team will win and one will lose, unless there is a tie. Or maybe the game will be called off altogether. Actually, Cincinnati has won six straight games against NFC teams while the Seahawks have gone 15-3 in their last 18 10 am PT start times. Take that for what you will.

So who is going to win in Week 6? Here is a list of national predictions:

  • FanSided's Peter Dewey: Seattle is the pick straight-up
  • Seattle Times' Bob Condotta: Seahawks 27 Bengals 23
  • Seattle Times' Adam Jude: Seahawks 34 Bengals 30
  • CBS Sports' Pete Prisco: Bengals 31 Seahawks 23
  •'s Dan Parr: Bengals 26 Seahawks 23
  • NBC Sports' Chris Simms: Seahawks 34 Bengals 31
  • ESPN's Eric Moody: Bengals 30 Seahawks 20
  • My cat: Bengals 743 Seahawks 0 (my cat always picks feline-friendly teams, of course)

So what do I really think? This is a tough game to choose. For once, we mostly get teams that have strength on strength. Cincinnati can throw the ball and Seattle should be able to defend that. But can the Bengals pass better than Seattle can defend? We won't know until the game is underway. And we might not know until the fourth quarter if the game is close, which is likely.

My brain tells me Cincinnati wins the game at home 27-21. But my heart says this is a very Pete Carroll-type game where Seattle finds a way to pull a win when they shouldn't. Ultimately, my brain will win out, though.

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