Seahawks News: Frank Clark, Deshaun Watson, and Kenneth Walker III

  • Seattle brings home a good pass rusher
  • One Seattle running back is making his case
  • Seattle won't face QB1

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The Seattle Seahawks will play the Cleveland Browns in Week 8 at Lumen Field. Seattle will be wearing throwback uniforms that resemble the unis they wore during the 1990s. Let's just hope that the team doesn't play as poorly as it did for much of the '90s.

Seattle seems to be getting a little healthier, even though the team learned this week that edge rusher Uchenna Nwosu will require season-ending surgery on a pec muscle. Nwosu has been Seattle's most consistent pass rusher since the beginning of 2022. He will be missed, but at least Seattle tried to immediately address his absence (more on that in a minute).

The Browns, though, will be without their starting quarterback again. (Also, more on that later, too. Actually, no. Let's go ahead and start with that part.)

Seattle Seahawks won't face Deshaun Watson in Week 8

This is kind of a mixed bag, honestly. If we were talking about Deshaun Watson when he was with the Houston Texans (we are talking on the field here, not whatever happened off of it) then there might be a greater concern. Watson was consistently excellent on really bad Texans teams, but in the limited time he has played for the Browns he hasn't been nearly as good. Not yet anyway.

In Houston, Watson had 104 touchdown passes over four seasons but in two years with Cleveland he has just 11 touchdown passes against 8 picks. And, sure. He played a lot more games in Houston, but his touchdown-per-pass percentage was 5.9 there versus just 4.0 in Cleveland while his interception percentage is 2.9 versus 2.1 in Houston.

Watson has an issue with his rotator cuff, however, and is out against Seattle. Instead, the Seahawks will play against P.J. Walker who has been pretty terrible in the NFL. This season, Walker has 3 interceptions and no touchdown passes in 66 pass attempts and he has a quarterback rating of a horrendous 48.2. Cleveland managed to score 39 points in Week 7, though, but that was because of their defense and rushing ability. They could beat Seattle the same way.