Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Baker Mayfield, playoff scenarios and power rankings

  • One national pundit names a potential Geno Smith replacement
  • How Seattle can clinch a playoff spot in Week 17
  • New NFL power rankings

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FanSided's Week 17 power rankings

After a four-game stretch between Weeks 12 and 15 that saw the Seahawks play top-five teams in terms of FanSided's power rankings, the schedule began to ease a bit in Week 16. Seattle still needed a last-minute touchdown to defeat the Tennessee Titans on Christmas Eve, though. For the first time in 24 years, a team - that would be your Seattle Seahawks - won in back-to-back weeks by a score of 20-17 with last-minute game-winning drives.

Seattle plays the Steelers this Sunday and Pittsburgh is ranked 16. They jumped up seven spots in this week's power rankings. The reason? Pittsburgh's offense finally came alive in Week 16 and the Steelers drubbed a decent Cincinnati Bengals team 34-11. What's scary is that a couple of weeks ago, Seattle had to look forward to playing a very good Steelers defense, but now Seattle has to stop the greatness that is quarterback Mason Rudolph.

In the final week of the season, Seattle will play inter-division rival, the Cardinals. Arizona has had the kind of season most expected and are 3-12. Since quarterback Kyler Murray returned from a leg injury in mid-November, Arizona is slightly better and is 2-4. This includes a 24-10 victory over the Steelers in early December. 29th-ranked Arizona plays hard at least, and won't simply lay down for Seattle.

The Seahawks, however, took a huge leap up the rankings. Ahead of Week 16, they were ranked 21, but this week are 12. There is no real reason given for Seattle moving up nine spots other than winning back-to-back close games, but I am happy with being 12 either way.