Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Charles Cross, Devon Witherspoon, and Week 13 picks

  • QB1 is 'night and day' better
  • Two young Seattle players get praise
  • Who wins between the Seahawks and Cowboys?

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Your Seattle Seahawks travel to Dallas in Week 13 to play a good Cowboys team. We assume they are good because they are 8-3 though they have not beaten a team with a current winning record. Still, Seattle isn't playing that well, but let's hope that completely changes on Thursday.

What is it going to take for Seattle to win? I have a few guesses, though if I knew I would be coaching in the NFL instead of sitting here at my keyboard. Do you want to hear my guesses? No? Well, here are a few quick ones anyway.

The Seahawks need to get their tight ends more involved again. Since Week 4, Seattle's tight ends have combined for an average of only 5 targets a game. Seattle also needs to run the ball more early in the game and then stick with the run through the game. Lastly, a couple of miracles - such as the catch Jaxon Smith-Njigba made in Week 12 - would be nice. Here is some news for game day.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith is 'night and day'

In Week 11 against the Los Angeles Rams, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith had his arm hit on a pass and that irritated his bicep. There was no injury to the arm, other than pain and some swelling. Smith had to leave the game for most of the fourth quarter, though he did try to lead Seattle to a late score after re-entering the game.

The issue was that Seattle played the San Francisco 49ers just four days later and Smith didn't practice all week before the game. This was likely a perfect storm for Seattle as they were facing a great team with an injured quarterback. The Seahawks offense had very little chance of truly succeeding, though Smith was still a better option than any other quarterback Seattle had available.

The positive is that this week head coach Pete Carroll has said the difference between Geno Smith last week and this week is "night and day." As opposed to not practicing, Smith is actually "running practice and putting on a show." Carroll also said that the Seahawks didn't want to make a "big deal" about Smith's injury ahead of the 49ers game, though. If there was anything that screamed Geno Smith is going to stay the starter for the rest of 2023 over Drew Lock, Carroll's comments might be it.