Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Devon Witherspoon, injuries and Zach Charbonnet

  • Geno Smith is trending downward
  • Devon Witherspoon is a star
  • Charbonnet needs the ball more
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The Seattle Seahawks lost a winnable game to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6. Before the season, though, I thought that Seattle would lose in Cincinnati, but the issue is that Seattle had multiple chances to steal the game and couldn't. That makes the loss more frustrating.

Add to that the fact that Seattle will play a 1-5 Arizona Cardinals team in Week 7 that plays as hard as if they were a 5-1 group and then Seattle has a stretch of facing teams with records of .500 or better in seven of eight games. Seattle's defense is playing well and will need to continue to play the same. But in 2022, Seattle's defense looked good for four-straight weeks between Weeks 6 and 9 before the defense receded into being bad again.

Is what we are seeing now defensively from the Seahawks real or will they have a similar slide in a couple of games. Let's hope the defense is good because the offense hasn't been for much of 2023. Here is some noteworthy stuff for Tuesday, though.

Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith is back to mediocre over last 11 games

For the Seahawks to be better than last year, they need Geno Smith to rebound to his early 2022 level. But over the last six games of last year and the first five of this season, Smith hasn't been bad, per se, but he has simply been a middle-of-the-league quarterback at best. In the last 11 games, Smith has 16 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions plus 3 fumbles. Again, not truly awful, but also is not the kind of quality of a quarterback who will probably lead his team to the playoffs.

So far this year, Smith is 22nd in completions of 20 yards or more but Smith does not have a play over 40 yards. Last year, a big part of Seattle's success offensively was Smith's ability to go deep to Tyler Lockett or DK Metcalf. This helped open the run game a bit as well. But while running back Kenneth Walker is scoring touchdowns, he's very boom-or-bust this year because teams are loading up the line of scrimmage.

I like Geno Smith and he's overcome quite a bit and been very patient in working his way back to being a full-time starter in the NFL. But just because I like him doesn't mean I think he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL where he arguably was through a big chunk of the 2022 season. Hopefully, Geno Smith gets back quickly to how good he can actually be instead of how he is playing currently.