Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Devon Witherspoon, injuries and Zach Charbonnet

  • Geno Smith is trending downward
  • Devon Witherspoon is a star
  • Charbonnet needs the ball more
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Devon Witherspoon is a star

While the Seahawks' rookie corner didn't have 2 sacks and a pick-six as he did in Week 5, he was still fantastic and he was facing much better talent. It also seemed as if the Bengals were more comfortable throwing the ball toward Riq Woolen than Witherspoon. Woolen, of course, was a Pro Bowler last year and hasn't been bad in 2023, either. Still, the Bengals threw his way 10 times and completed 6 of those passes.

Woolen allowed 57 yards on receptions with a long of 31. Devon Witherspoon allowed 3 catches on just 5 targets but for just 14 yards and a long of 7. Against excellent Bengals receiver Ja'Marr Chase, Woolen allowed 3 catches on 5 targets. 2 of those receptions went for first downs. Woolen also allowed 2 touchdowns catches, one by Andrei Iosivas and one by Tyler Boyd.

Witherspoon allowed just 3 yards on 1 completion when he was covering Chase (on 3 targets) and Witherspoon also patted two passes down that were headed toward Chase. I don't bring the Woolen and Witherspoon comparison up to disrespect Woolen but only to show how well Witherspoon is playing compared to a 2022 Pro Bowler. Witherspoon also drew an offensive pass interference on Tee Higgins.

And if I wanted to bring up a comparison, I would just mention Tre Brown anyway. Brown was only targeted twice and didn't allow any completions and picked off a Joe Burrow pass deep down the field that was going to Ja'Marr Chase. Brown is graded as the 20th-best corner in the league so far this year, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required). But Witherspoon is graded as the fourth-best.

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