Seahawks News: Geno Smith, DK Metcalf, Jason Peters and Charles Cross

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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith yelps at Aaron Donald in Week 1

One reason that Geno Smith has endeared himself to many 12s (not all; I know some 12s really don't like Smith for some reason) is that he just seems to relate to other people in a more human way than did former quarterback (and the very robotic) Russell Wilson. So in Week 1 when Geno Smith had dropped back to pass and saw Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald sprinting towards him, and Smith exclaimed, "Oh my God!," we could all empathize. Most of us might have reacted in the same way as Smith.

Donald is a big, scary dude on the field. I wouldn't want to be tackled by the behemoth. In fact, if I saw Donald approaching me and I had the ball in my hands, I might just fall down on the field, take the fetal position, and hope for the best. Geno Smith is still braver than I am (not that that should be a surprise to anyone).

One of the questions about the play, however, is whether Geno Smith was uttering the phrase loudly enough for the field mics to pick up because he was in fear of Donald coming towards him or if he was simply frustrated by the breakdown in blocking. My guess is that Smith simply reacted in a truly human way.

Also, Smith kind of lost his cool a bit on the play too as he rushed his throw and the pass could have easily ended up in a pick-six. Still, heading into Week 2 Smith needs to get some help from his receivers. The trio of DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett and Jaxon Smith-Njigba should be talented enough to find ways to get open that they were not doing in Week 1.