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Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll says DK Metcalf just needs to stop it

DK Metcalf would have to be an interesting case study for a psychologists. Off the field he appears to be a good due, humble, funny, and like he'd be a great friend. But on the field there are two different DK Metcalf's. There is the one who is playing well and playfully jawing at opposing players, and then there is the frustrated Metcalf who goes far overboard in reacting to the taunting of other players.

Since DK Metcalf entered the league in 2019, he has been flagged for an NFL-leading eight penalties that are either for taunting, unsportsmanlike conduct or unnecessary roughness. All of these penalties are simply because Metcalf lost his cool, and he often draws these flags at the worst parts of games.

To be fair, DK Metcalf could have been kicked out of the game for what he did in Week 1. He placed a blindside block on Rams cornerback (and former Seahawk) Ahkello Witherspoon. The referees didn't notice the play, apparently, as no flag was thrown. The flag against Metcalf for taunting wasn't thrown until the teams lined up on the ensuing play and Metcalf and the Rams sidelines were involved in a screaming match.

On his in-season weekly show on Seattle Sports 710 AM on Monday, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he had a one-on-one discussion with the receiver post-game and told Metcalf he must "elevate above" drawing 15-yard penalties. At this point, however, Metcalf should already know better. The NFL might likely fine Metcalf for the hit he put on Witherspoon. Maybe that will be more of a motivator for Metcalf to stop getting silly penalties than having a discussion with his coach.

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