Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Drew Lock, Tee Higgins and MNF picks

Seattle takes on the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 15 on Monday Night Football.
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Bengals receiver Tee Higgins might have given the Seahawks a huge boost

There is a mess in the NFC playoff picture as so many teams are 6-7. The Minnesota Vikings were 7-6 entering their Saturday matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals and just needed to keep winning to get to the postseason. Minnesota led by a touchdown with less than a minute left, and with the Bengals already losing receiver Ja'Marr Chase to an injury, Cincinnati needed some kind of miracle to tie the game.

That is where Tee Higgins came in. On second-and-10 with the Bengals on the Vikings' 21-yard line, former Washington Huskies quarterback Jake Browning dropped back and just heaved a pass toward the front right pylon where Higgins high-pointed the ball, secured the catch, and while being tackled had the wherewithal to know where he was on the field, turned, stretched his right arm at and got the ball over the top of the pylon while falling out of bounds for a touchdown.

The throw was iffy, but the catch might be the play of the year. And it could tremedously help Seattle.

Should the Seahawks beat the Eagles on Monday, they would also move to 7-7 with three winnable games left. The Vikings still have to play the Detroit Lions twice and the Green Bay Packers once. Minnesota has also lost three of four and could easily finish 7-10. So that would remove one team in Seattle's push to the postseason, but the Seahawks still have to worry about the other 500 teams hovering around their same record.