Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, and Tyler Van Dyke

  • Geno Smith's potential future QB competition
  • Adams' missed tackles
  • Williams the rental?
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The Seattle Seahawks got squashed in Week 9 37-3 by the Baltimore Ravens. I guess we should just fold up the season and hope Seattle doesn't play anymore this year, right? (By the way, that's called sarcasm. Bad sarcasm? Yeah, probably, but sarcasm nonetheless.)

You know what is going to likely happen, right? While we haven't seen the Seahawks get that blown out except once under head coach Pete Carroll, we have seen Seattle lose badly at times. And yet almost always the team bounces back to pick up some wins we don't expect.

So, yeah. Seattle got destroyed against the Ravens, but based on the weird history of Seattle under Carroll, Seattle will probably find some way to get a win over the San Francisco 49ers and beat either the Philadelphia Eagles or Dallas Cowboys in the stretch of games between weeks 12 through 15. Why this will happen? Because it's the Seahawks-y thing to do. Here is some other news for Tuesday.

Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith likely had no choice but to look bad in Week 9

TV copy during NFL games is the worst! NFL fans might think they know what is happening but we cannot really know. TV cameras focus on just a bit of the field and so we rarely get a full picture of what is happening. Try to find the Seahawks copy of the game in Week 9 and that will probably tell a full story of what was really going on with quarterback Geno Smith.

First, Smith was under pressure on 49 percent of his dropbacks, according to ESPN. I am not trying to defend Geno Smith's overall play from the last six games or so, but Week 9 was clearly not all Smith's fault. Any time a team loses 37-3, there isn't one player who is at fault; The entire team is. Secondly, Seattle's receivers were locked up immediately on most pass attempts so not only did Smith have poor blocking in front of him but he had no one to throw the ball to when he did have time.

Still, a top-end NFL quarterback shouldn't force the ball into coverage simply because he can't complete passes. Smith could have checked-off and thrown passes quicker or not taken so much time to throw the ball away. Smith is not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback, but he isn't as bad as he looked in Week 9 either.