Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Pete Carroll, Devon Witherspoon and Deion Sanders

  • Beast Mode laughed at Pete Carroll
  • Witherspoon and Sanders?
  • Geno Smith gets fined

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The Seattle Seahawks are coming off the weekend of their 2023 bye week and hopefully they all got some rest. There is a lot of football left in the season. Maybe they even watched some football?

If they did, they would have seen how scary the San Francisco 49ers might truly be this year, unfortunately. The 49ers destroyed the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 42-10. San Fran sacked Dallas four times and picked Dak Prescott off 3 times. Still, Seattle has weird ways of playing as well as their competition mostly, so maybe Seattle can steal a game from the 49ers.

What really matters in the playoffs, of course. The Seahawks are heading in that direction. And once there, anything can happen. Here is some other news for your Monday.

Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith gets fined

The NFL just seems to love fining Seahawks players. Receiver DK Metcalf has been fined four times already and that was even before Week 4. Over the weekend, quarterback Geno Smith was notified that he would be receiving a fine for taunting of $10,927 which occurred in the second half of Week 4 against the New York Giants. Smith did admit he went a little "overboard" and should have remained more calm about a first half hit he took that he felt was "dirty."

Speaking of the hit in question, 12s likely have seen the video of the tackle by Giants safety Isaiah Simmons a million times now. On the play, Smith had dropped back to try to pass, was flushed from the pocket and headed toward the sideline. Before he reached the sideline, Simmons began tackling him from behind. The tackle took both players out of bounds where Simmons finished the tackle by twisting slightly and landing on the back of Smith's legs.

There was no flag thrown on the play as the tackle had started inbounds. Still, Smith came up gingerly and missed a couple of series at the end of the first half. Smith was still peeved after halftime which resulted in him getting a taunting penalty after he had completed a long pass to Tyler Lockett. By the way, Simmons was not disciplined for the tackle on Smith, meaning he received no fine.