Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Pete Carroll, Kenneth Walker III and Thanksgiving

  • A Seattle running back has a 'legit' injury
  • QB1 should be ready to go on Thanksgiving
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The Seattle Seahawks are 6-4 entering the short week of Week 12. The next four games don't look like much fun for 12s to watch. Still, in the NFL anything is possible we are told, right?

Maybe Thursday will bring a Thanksgiving Day miracle? Wouldn't that be a nice celebration while you are working off your food from your feast? Weirder things have happened.

But in Seahawks news for Tuesday, Seattle's RB1 is probably going to miss Week 12. But QB1 should play. That's the hope anyway.

Seattle Seahawks running back Kenneth Walker III has 'legit' injury

Kenneth Walker left the game in the first half against the Los Angeles Rams leaving Zach Charbonnet to get most of the carries from then on. Walker wasn't playing badly when he did get hurt, though he finished with just 18 yards on four carries. He also caught a pass but for negative-2 yards. After Walker left, the Seahawks seemed to continue the same kind of runs with Charbonnet even though Charbonnet is more of a bullish back where Walker is more lightning.

Walker might not be speedy anytime soon, however. According to head coach Pete Carroll Walker's oblique injury is "legit." Usually in Pete-talk that means a player is going to miss some time. Based solely on what Carroll implied, Walker playing against the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday would seem extremely unlikely. There are a couple of different ways of looking at this, however.

One is that a running back like Zach Charbonnet could potentially be better against the 49ers excellent defensive line because Charbonnet is more of a north-south runner while Walker sometimes hesitates at the line looking for a hole in hopes of creating an explosive play. This could also mean that fellow rookie Kenny McIntosh gets the first action of his career. McIntosh looked capable of getting a bunch of reps in training camp before he was hurt in early August. He was activated to practice but hasn't yet been active on game days.