Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Pete Carroll, Kenneth Walker III and Thanksgiving

  • A Seattle running back has a 'legit' injury
  • QB1 should be ready to go on Thanksgiving
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Pete Carroll says Geno Smith should play on Thanksgiving

Speaking of Geno Smith, his arm injury was bad enough to keep him out of most of the fourth quarter but not bad enough to keep him from re-entering the game when it was clear that Drew Lock was not going to be able to lead the team to points. Smith did get the team close enough for the missed long field goal. But according to what Pete Carroll said on his Monday morning show on Seattle Sports 710 AM, Smith should be ready to play for the Thanksgiving Day game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The biggest concern would be just how healthy Geno Smith's arm is. Is he able to have the same velocity and same strength as he did before his arm got run into by defensive tackle Aaron Donald? If the answer is no, and on such a short week, maybe Seattle should just go ahead and play Drew Lock. Lock isn't going to lead Seattle to a victory, but an injured Smith is likely incapable of doing so as well.

Plus, as porous as the Seahawks offensive line has been recently and as great as the San Francisco 49ers defensive line is, if Smith is not 100 percent then Seattle is risking him to further injury. We might also see Geno Smith start the game and the team sees how the game is playing out and then Smith gets replaced by Lock.

That is not overly likely to happen as it might seem as if Smith is being replaced for poor play and Pete Carroll would not do that. Let's just hope Smith is nearly fully healthy and he plays well on Thanksgiving.

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