Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Russell Wilson, Jamal Adams and Week 17 picks

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Week 17 picks between Seahawks and Steelers

The Steelers are tough to get a read on. They are capable of destroying a good Cincinnati Bengals team, which they did in Week 16 34-11, but then Pittsburgh is capable of losing to a bad New England Patriots team, which they did in Week 14. Pittsburgh has lost four of its last six games, but in Week 16 they looked like they could beat anyone.

Of course, the Seahawks have been difficult to pinpoint as well. We knew Weeks 12 through 15 were going to be rough as Seattle played the San Francisco 49ers twice, along with the Dallas Cowboys and Eagles once in that four-game stretch. But Seattle lost in Week 11 to the Los Angeles Rams as well so a five-game losing streak seemed likely. Then Seattle surprised us by beating the Eagles.

Seattle controls their own destiny and can make the playoffs simply by winning their last two games. But that doesn't seem like a sure thing even against the Steelers and Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks could lose both of those games just as easily. I think Seattle wins 24-21 with a relatively late touchdown. Here is how some others see the game going.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Seattle 23 Steelers 20
The Athletic: Seattle (no score given)
Ryan Reynolds, 33rd Team: Seattle 17 Steelers 16
Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: Seattle 29 Steelers 27
ESPN: All "experts" pick Seattle

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