Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Uchenna Nwosu, Walter Jones and throwbacks

  • Can Seattle overcome Geno?
  • Big Walt's kitchen
  • Replacements for Nwosu
  • Throwback weekend!
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The Seattle Seahawks enter Week 8 4-2 but are about to go on the toughest stretch of games of their 2023 season. Over the next 10 games, Seattle will rarely face a team that does not currently have a winning record. That starts with Week 8's matchup against a good Cleveland Browns team that has a fantastic defense.

Sure, Cleveland somehow gave up 38 points in Week 7 to the Indianapolis Colts who had a backup quarterback, but that is an outlier. In almost every positive facet, the Browns have a top-10 defense. That likely means the Seahawks are going to need to win a low-scoring game where Seattle's defense is even better than Cleveland's.

There is some negative in the news for this article. But there is also some fun. So, let's start with the fun.

Seattle Seahawks get to wear throwback uniforms in Week 8!

Two things here with the throwback uniforms. One is they look awesome! Silver helmets with the 1990s logo on them, dark blue jerseys, and gray pants. If you haven't purchased anything yet - jacket, jersey, shoes, etc. - with the old logo on them, you will. Personally, I do like the way the current uniforms look and in 30 years I will probably buy throwback stuff from the 2020s. But we aren't there yet, of course.

The other bit here is that while it's great the NFL and the Seahawks are doing the throwbacks (cash grab, yo!), we better just hope that the Seahawks don't lose 83-0 to the Browns. Otherwise, we will never see the 1990s unis again.

And that might be OK, honestly. The team wasn't overly competitive that decade. Sure, they had Cortez Kennedy and a handful of talent late in the decade, but otherwise they were the epitome of mediocrity. At least the team didn't lose 14 games every year.