Seahawks News: Geno Smith, Uchenna Nwosu, Walter Jones and throwbacks

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Seattle Times worries Seattle might have to overcome Geno Smith to win games

How darning (Is that a real word? No?) is it to read the following sentence from Matt Calkins of the Seattle Times: Geno Smith "has become about as dangerous to his own team as he is to opposing defenses." Ouch. Is that completely true? Probably not as while Smith did have a bad interception and a bad fumble in Week 7, the rest of the game he was pretty good.

The interception was the most worrying. Post-game, head coach Pete Carroll hinted that maybe rookie receiver Jake Bobo was partly to blame as he somehow didn't help Smith out by either running a crisper route or coming back for the ball. But we all saw the play and it simply looked like Geno Smith made a terrible decision and that there was little Bobo could do.

One could potentially argue the pass was a one-off poor decision, but Smith made basically the same kind of throw to the other side of the field against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6 only that throw was directed toward Tyler Lockett. What is the coincidence that the same type of play - Smith drops back from his 15-or-20-yard line and throws the ball toward the front pylon of the end zone and it's intercepted - would partially be the fault of two different receivers? Not much.

Geno Smith now has 9 turnovers in his last 9 games. Not awful, but for a young team that doesn't blow a bunch of teams out and needs mostly clean games in order to win, Smith's turnovers could cause any postseason hopes to crumble. Two things, though: 1) Drew Lock replacing Geno Smith isn't going to happen because Lock has had his own turnover issues in the past, and 2) Smith is a real leader in the locker room and that means almost as much as his play on the field.