Seahawks news: Jake Bobo, Kyu Blu Kelly, practice squad, and roster moves

The Seahawks made a bunch of signings and roster moves on Wednesday to get everything settled ahead of Week 1.
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Seahawks sign Kyu Blu Kelly to interesting reviews

In a really (and what turned out to be stupid) mock draft I did in January, I actually had Kelly going to the Seahawks in the third round. I even said he had the ability to be a long-term starter opposite Riq Woolen. Maybe he will, but I am also willing to admit that after Kelly wasn't chosen until the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens and then played poorly enough in the preseason for the Ravens to release him, I will probably be wrong about what I said about Kelly.

Still, there is something that Seattle likes about him, clearly. Otherwise they wouldn't have picked him off waivers and been forced to add him to the active roster. He does have good size at 6'1" and 200 pounds and he is an excellent tackler. He didn't create a lot of turnovers in college at Stanford, but he also wasn't targeted that much due to his sticky coverage.

But in the preseason he wasn't exactly great. He allowed 6 catches on 10 targets for 73 yards playing against mostly guys who either didn't make their teams or who were only expected to be backups. Oh, and he also gave up 2 touchdown passes so basically 20 percent of the times he was targeted, the other team scored. That's not too good.

Very likely, Kelly will be among those listed as inactive on game days for a while. Still, the Seahawks sometimes have a way of finding gems in the secondary that other teams miss. Mike Jackson had never started in the NFL until he started every game for Seattle in 2022 and Jackson was pretty good. Maybe Kelly is capable of being the next Jackson.

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