Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Devon Witherspoon, Jake Bobo and Deshaun Watson

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The Seattle Seahawks made it through Week 7 fairly unscathed, except for potentially losing one key player. Of course, DK Metcalf didn't play due to rib and hip injuries (we assume) but he could return this week. If not, two rookie receivers for Seattle looked pretty good alongside veteran Tyler Lockett.

But the Cleveland Browns' defense is a different beast than the Arizona Cardinals' version. Cleveland has allowed 4.4 yards per play, second in the NFL. The Browns are ninth in yards allowed per rush (3.7), sixth in quarterback rating allowed (79.1), first in sack percentage (10.9), and they are eighth in tackles for loss (37).

Basically, Cleveland has a very well-rounded defense that doesn't have any obvious weaknesses. While Seattle's offense has been far from perfect for a few weeks, they will need to be much better in Week 8 for Seattle not to lose a low-scoring game. And the Browns offense isn't terrible either, and they should get their quarterback back (again) this week.

Seattle Seahawks likely to face Deshaun Watson in Week 8

Watson missed weeks 4 through 6 (Cleveland had a bye in Week 5) and Watson only threw five passes in Week 7 before leaving with a potential concussion. Turns out, he didn't have a concussion but Cleveland didn't want to risk putting him back on the field and he sat out the rest of the game. But Watson is expected to return for the Seahawks game.

Watson hasn't been great when he has played this season, though. Hopefully, of course, that won't change against Seattle. But in 2023, Watson has 4 touchdown passes and 3 interceptions and a quarterback rating of just 80.9, 26th in the league. In six games in 2022, Watson's quarterback rating was just 79.1 so maybe it's a Cleveland issue?

Watson's career quarterback rating is 101.1, though. Plus, 12s saw first-hand that Watson can be excellent when he threw for 402 yards and 4 touchdowns against a Seahawks defense in 2017 that still had Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Should Watson be allowed to play in the NFL with all his off-field issues? Maybe or maybe not, but he will very likely be playing against Seattle in Week 8.