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Jake Bobo a candidate for catch-of-the-year

While there has been some talk that Jake Bobo was part of the reason for Geno Smith's second half interception in Week 7, Bobo otherwise played extremely well and he got more opportunities with DK Metcalf out of the game. Also, I get that Bobo is a rookie and Geno Smith is the veteran quarterback and sometimes it's easy to partly blame a rookie for a bad play, the pick that Smith threw is completely on him. There isn't much Bobo could do to help on that play.

But enough of the negativity. Jake Bobo has shown in limited catches that he has the ability to be ultra-aware of where his feet are compared to the out-of-bounds line. In Week 2 against the Carolina Panthers, Bobo caught a five-yard pass from Smith in the back of the end zone and he tapped his feet down for a touchdown. That play somewhat looked like a mistake and some might have wondered if Bobo could do that same kind of thing again.

Turns out, he can. Against the Cardinals in Week 7, Bobo caught a pass when no one else thought he had. Bobo seemed to have a pretty good idea that he caught the ball one-handed and then was able to get his toes in for a touchdown. The play was initially called incomplete, but after head coach Pete Carroll threw the challenge flag and the play was reviewed, the catch was correctly changed to a touchdown.

But the actual catch was incredible. Bobo was well-covered, running out of room, and literally caught the ball the only way he could have: He reached up with his right arm and corralled the ball, planted one foot, and was able to get the toes on his other foot inbounds. The entire catch was fantastic and could still be one of the best of the year by the time the season is completed.