Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, DK Metcalf, Pete Carroll, XFL and USFL

Seattle might be close to get one key player back, but another key player might need to sit out for a bit.
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Seahawks get Jamal Adams back but what about DK Metcalf?

Seattle finally will get Jamal Adams back practicing fully this week. At least, that the's expectation that Pete Carroll has. But before we get too excited, even though Adams is practicing that doesn't mean he will play in Week 3. According to what Carroll said on his radio show on Monday on Seattle Sports 710 AM, the team is just going to wait and see how Adams responds to full practices before thinking of playing him in a real game.

While Adams can potentially make a huge difference in the pass rush as he is uniquely gifted for a defensive back to do so, the fact that the Seahawks still have to treat him so tenderly because he appears to get injured so easily doesn't bode well for a long-term hope that he will continue to make an impact for the rest of the season. Hopefully, he will, but that is only a hope.

As far as DK metcalf goes, he could miss a couple of practices but be fine for the game. He had his ribs injured in Week 2 when he made a catch near the goalline. He didn't brake any ribs, thankfully, be he was definitely bruised and that can take some time to get over. Metcalf is likely just very sore and only time will heal the bruise. If he does play against the Panthers, he will likely do so with some discomfort.

If Metcalf is limited or can't play, that likely means even more targets and in a variety of ways for rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba. Instead of the slot, JSN could be outside more. That should be fun to watch.

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