Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, DK Metcalf and Week 7 injuries

  • Adams gets fined
  • Metcalf is hurt and gets too many penalties
  • Week 7 injury report
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The Seattle Seahawks play the Arizona Cardinals in Week 7. Arizona doesn't have the most talented roster in the NFL, but they are a feisty bunch that Seattle certainly can't overlook and they will need to match the Cardinals' intensity level. Seattle is 3-2 while Arizona is 1-5.

Seattle's injury report for Week 7 isn't too bad. (More on that in just a second.) So while the Seahawks offensive line wasn't good in Week 6, it should be better this week.

We also should hope that Geno Smith has a bounce-back game. Smith was extremely hesitant at times against the Bengals. A quarterback with the yips is a bad quarterback. Here is some other news for your Saturday.

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams is fined for Week 4 incident

Maybe Jamal Adams was aware of what he was saying to an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant in Week 4 after Adams had been looked at for a concussion after he was accidentally kneed in the head by New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones as Adams was attempting awkwardly to make a tackle. Adams was clearly concussed on the play and video showed him screaming in anger at the doctor who had diagnosed Adams. Due to being concussed, the NFL decided not to discipline Adams for his actions directed toward the doctor.

The reason I say that maybe Adams was aware of how he was acting toward the doctor is because against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6, Adams was speaking his mind to another unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant when they were attempting to look at Seahawks receiver Jake Bobo for a potential concussion. The only reason I can think of that Adams would get involved in the Bobo situation is that Adams was still bothered with how he thought he was being treated in Week 4.

For his actions in Week 6, Adams was fined $50,000 by the NFL who had reviewed video of the incident. While $50,000 might not be a ton of money to Adams - he is paid more than $1 million a game - that amount is still higher than normal NFL fines by a couple of tens of thousands of dollars. In other words, the NFL doesn't like it when you yell or make "inappropriate contact" with an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant so don't do that, kids.