Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Dre'Mont Jones, Boye Mafe, and Week 4 prediction

  • Jamal Adams almost retired
  • Boye Mafe's value isn't measured in raw stats
  • What's going to happen in Week 4?
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The Seattle Seahawks are back in prime time in Week 4. Sure, it's a late game for east coasters, but 12s in the Seattle area will have time to celebrate after Seattle defeats the New York Giants in Week 4. I hope.

Seattle is getting slightly healthier and will get an impact player back (more on that in just a second). The Giants might be without their best offensive player (more on that later, too). Overall, however, Seattle appears to have the better roster.

Seattle is 2-1 while the Giants are 1-2. New York has two really bad losses, however. Seattle has bounced back from a Week 1 loss and might be making a run at another postseason. But that continues only if the Seahawks can defeat the Giants on Monday. Here is some news!

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams almost retired

Jamal Adams has been oft-injured and oft-frustrated with being hurt. After his Week 1 injury in 2022, he almost decided he had had enough. Adams was in a cast for 20 weeks and could do very few things without assistance. Adams couldn't go to the bathroom, get out of bed, or shower without help. For someone who had spent his life getting into prime physical shape for the game of football, this was devastating.

After practice on Friday, Adams addressed the ahead of him getting back onto the field to play when the Seahawks play the Giants on Monday Night Football. Adams admitted that he had been in a "dark place" over the last year. He was never suicidal, he said, but just the bleakness of dealing with another injury and not knowing if he would play the game of football again - a game that will give him and his family generational wealth due to the contract he signed with Seattle in 2021.

Playing his first game back in New York is special for him, too. He played for the Jets, of course, to begin his career before the Jets traded Adams to Seattle before the 2020 season. In his first year with the Seahawks, Adams had 9.5 sacks which broke the all-time record for sacks by a defensive back. He can make a huge impact for Seattle's pass rush, and that begins on Monday.