Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Seattle injuries, Week 6 TV coverage and announcers

  • Jamal Adams is playing in Week 6 but how will he perform?
  • Who is hurt for Seattle?
  • How you can watch the game
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Where you can watch the Seahawks play the Bengals

If you want to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Cincinnati Bengals (and honestly, why wouldn't you?) and you live in a part of the United States that isn't the Seattle area, you are mostly in luck. CBS is showing the game across most of the nation that isn't the southeast. In fact, if you live south of Virginia and Kentucky and east of the Mississippi River, you probably won't see the game broadcast on your television.

Also, there is a random patch of Minnesota, Wisconsin, very northeastern South Dakota, and very northern Iowa where the Patriots and Raiders game is being shown. Even the map makes little sense for that. And I am sure the people who live in those parts of MN, SD, WI, and IA are confused as well.

While Seattle versus Cincinnati is the showcase game for most of the country, the first-team announcers for CBS are broadcasting elsewhere. Instead of Jim Nantz and Tony Romo, 12s (and well, whatever Bengals fans call themselves) will get to hear Ian Eagle and Charles Davis. Personally, while I like Romo's enthusiasm for the game, I like Davis' clarity of what has happened on any given play as well.

The game will kickoff at 10 am PT, of course. Or if you happen to live in the UK, the game will begin at 6 pm. Sky Sports is showing the game there.

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