Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, fantasy football and power rankings

  • Jamal Adams set to return again...again
  • JSN might be a secret weapon
  • Seahawks get some power ranking love at the same time they get dissed
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We are this close to getting back to Seattle Seahawks football this season. After the Week 5 bye week, Seattle will have 13 straight weeks of football. There is sort of a mini-break between Week 13 (Seattle plays the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday Night Football on November 30) and Week 14 (that is when Seattle takes on the San Francisco 49ers on December 10), but otherwise no breaks for the team or fans.

That could be good or bad, of course. Seattle needed an early bye due to so many key players already being injured, but other players will likely get hurt because, well...this is football, and there will be no break.

One of the players Seattle already got back but then almost immediately got injured again is Jamal Adams. He was among a group of players that head coach Pete Carroll addressed earlier this week when it came to their health. Most should return, but what about Adams specifically?

Seattle Seahawks should get Jamal Adams back...again

Jamal Adams has nothing but bad luck. He doesn't want to get injured, of course. Maybe in Week 4 when he was forced to leave the game after nine snaps because he made a technically improper tackle on New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones - Adams awkwardly dove head-first and Jones' knee accidentally hit Adams in the helmet causing Adams to be concussed - the injury was something that could have been avoided, but Jamal Adams no doubt wants to play football.

The bad part about a concussion is that Adams suffered a brain injury, of course. But if you happen to be an NFL player then the positive is that normally concussion don't keep a player out for a long time. (For the record, I wish no one would ever get a concussion because enough of them could be life-altering later in life where a knee injury is unlikely to be as grave.) This means Adams won't techincally miss any games after coming back from a leg injury he suffered in Week 1 of 2022.

Adams might be needed more in Week 6 than he was in Week 4 as well. The Seahawks opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals, have a potentially excellent offense (they've started a little slowly this year but in the last couple of years they have been very good) and a fantastic passing game. Seattle needs to get pressure on Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow and Adams should be able to help Seattle do that.