Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, fantasy football and power rankings

  • Jamal Adams set to return again...again
  • JSN might be a secret weapon
  • Seahawks get some power ranking love at the same time they get dissed

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Seattle rises in power rankings but get little disrespected too

In the latest FanSided NFL power rankings, Seattle took a step up to number 9 from 10 last week. That makes sense as while Seattle has gone 3-1 to begin the season, they lost badly in Week 1 to the Los Angeles Rams, then defeated a good Detroit Lions team, before the Seahawks then beat two bad teams, the Carolina Panthers and New York Giants. Therefore, getting a read on just how good Seattle might be is difficult.

Of the teams Seattle has played, the Lions rank fifth, the Rams are 21st, the Giants are 28th, and the Panthers are dead last at 32. In other words, three of the four teams that Seattle has played are pretty much in the last third of the league, and one of those teams actually defeated the Seahawks. The bad part is that three of Seattle's next four games are against teams ranked in the top half of the league currently, and the other is a surprisingly hard-playing Arizona Cardinals team.

But where the Seahawks really get disrespected is in the write-up for them being number 9. Lou Scataglia says simply that Seattle "most definitely are not a Super Bowl team, but they are good enough to win a bunch of games and perhaps make the Wild Card round interesting for a bit, but that's it." Ouch.

Maybe he is correct and that the Seahawks aren't a Super Bowl team, but "most definitely" not? That's a bit much. No Pete Carroll-led team can ever be counted out because normally when they are the team pulls off a surprise victory.

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