Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Quandre Diggs, Michael Penix Jr. and Week 8 picks

  • Are Seattle's safeties very good?
  • CBS Sports releases mock draft
  • National media picks Seahawks vs. Browns Week 8

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The Cleveland Browns fly to Seattle to play the Seahawks in Week 8. The Seattle Seahawks will be wearing throwback jerseys and bringing back the glory years of the 1990s. Oh, wait. That was probably Seattle's worst decade. Oh, well, 1990s throwbacks it is.

Seattle also announced on Friday that the throwback jerseys will be worn in Week 13 as well. That game, however, will be on the road against the Dallas Cowboys. Let's hope Seattle wins in Week 8 or they might not want to be wear the throwbacks again.

Throwing it to the future a bit, CBS Sports has put out its latest mock draft and Seattle gets an interesting player. More on that in just a second. But of note from the mock draft, CBS Sports has four quarterbacks going in the first round overall, but three of them will go in the first six picks. Seattle won't have a top six pick.

CB Sports mocks Michael Penix, Jr. to the Seattle Seahawks in the 2024 NFL draft

The fourth quarterback that CBS Sports has going in the first round, however, is University of Washington quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. and the network mocks Penix to the Seahawks. In seven games this year for the Huskies, Penix has thrown 20 touchdown passes against 5 interceptions and has a quarterback rating of 176.6. He also averages a ridiculous 10.0 yards per pass attempt. Basically, Penix isn't afraid to go deep often and he throws an excellent deep ball.

Penix is coming off his worst game of the season, however. Against a not-great Arizona State team, Penix completed 27 of 42 passes but no touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

While Penix puts excellent rotation on his passes and there is no question to his arm strength, he has a few things going against him. One is that he will turn 24 years old just after the 2024 NFL draft and that's on the older side for a drafted quarterback. He's also left-handed which changes the way an offense operates a bit. Lastly, while Penix has been relatively healthy since leaving Indiana for Washington in 2022, he does have a fairly long injury history.

CBS Sports thinks Penix gets taken by the Seahawks and learns from Geno Smith for a year. That would mean by the time he starts in 2025, Penix will be 25. Again, not old for a human, but for a quarterback just beginning his NFL career the age might factor into some teams not taking him.