Seahawks News: Jamal Adams, Zach Charbonnet, Pete Carroll and 12s

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Pete Carroll praises the 12s

Pete Carroll would like to praise you...praise you...praise you like he should. In other words, Carroll should go all Fatboy Slim on the 12s. Because the 12s absolutely affected the outcome of Week 3 between the Seahawks and Panthers. This was more the case in the second half after Seattle got a bit of a lead and the Panthers were forced to pass even more and Carolina ended up with 8 false starts because many times they simply couldn't hear the snap because of the crowd at Lumen Field.

In the post-game press conference, Carroll told reporters, "One of the most obvious things that happened today was feeling the 12s. God, what a great impact they had on this game. These guys had eight false starts in this game and that's not us. We had nothing to do with that. They can't get coordinated because of the noise. What a great factor. It felt like what it feels like to be here at Lumen. That was a thrill."

And he is right. The odd thing is that 12s did seem louder than normal. Was it the atmospheric pressure over the Seattle area compressing the noise? Was is that after Week 1 when 12s had nothing to cheer for they got to cheer for a team that looked a lot more like the 2022 version of the Seahawks than the one they got to see in Week 1? Or maybe the noise was just 12s being 12s.

Either way, pat yourself on the back, 12s. You made a huge difference in Week 3. Those false starts don't happen on their own most of the time. The Panthers offensive tackles couldn't hear you and it showed. Too bad we can't simply have 12s on the field on third down because an opposing team picking up most of their third down attempts might be much more difficult.