Seahawks News: Kenny McIntosh, Jerrick Reed II, George Kittle and Action Green

  • One player and one player out for Seattle
  • 49ers tight end says 12s hate him
  • Seattle's uniforms for Week 12

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The Seattle Seahawks will play host to those evil San Francisco 49ers on Thanksgiving Day at Lumen Field. San Francisco isn't really evil, of course, but one 49ers tight end must think that is how 12s think about the team. More importantly, Seattle needs a win more than the 49ers do.

San Francisco is 7-3 with a game lead over the Seahawks in the NFC West. With a victory, the 49ers would make that - checks math - two games. Plus, the 49ers and Seattle play again in two weeks so the 49ers could basically cement the division in that game.

But thinking positively, Seattle will win, right? In fact, they will dominate San Francisco by three touchdowns! Thinking anything else is a little too depressing. Here is some news for Wednesday.

Seattle Seahawks back in Action Green

In a season filled with multiple jersey changes, Seattle will have its third completely different one. The team wore throwback jerseys against the Cleveland Browns in Week 8. That game resulted in a Seattle victory so maybe Seattle wearing action green will work out well. The Seahawks are 5-1 in games since 2016 - the year the team debuted the uniforms - wearing the fluorescent crayon color.

Seattle is 4-1 going up against NFC West rivals while wearing action green, but they have not yet faced the 49ers in the color. The last time Seattle wore the combo was in Week 1 of 2022 when former Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson and his team, the Denver Broncos, visited the Seahawks to start the season. Seattle won that game 17-16.

Seattle will play next Thursday against the Cowboys in Dallas and the Seahawks will wear the throwback jerseys once again. Maybe simple confusion of what Seattle is wearing will help them defeat the 49ers and Cowboys.