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George Kittle says 12s 'hate' the 49ers

Do 12s really "hate" the San Francisco 49ers? I think there is a healthy dislike, but for some reason, the 49ers just do not seem to bring the same angst as the Los Angeles Rams do. Heck, for long-term 12s, the Broncos and now Las Vegas Raiders might be more disliked than the 49ers. But 49ers tight end George Kittle said this week that indeed 12s do "hate" San Francisco and maybe 49ers fans hate 12s.

Or maybe Kittle is just trying to drum up even more interest in the Thanksgiving Day game. But there is no need. This is the NFL and the game sells itself to Americans who need something to do while they digest turkey and dressing and oysters and whatever else people eat for Thanksgiving. Former Seahawks linebacker KJ Wright says spaghetti is a staple of his Thanksgiving meals.

According to our friends at Niner Noise, Kittle said, "Very excited about Thursday Night Football against the Seattle Seahawks.

"All that means is Seattle's going to be a little angry and it's going to be a great game up there. It's one of my favorite atmospheres and places to play. They absolutely hate us, and what a great fan base to hate us. It's really fun. It's going to be an exciting game and we have to go up there and get a win."

Again, I am not sure if Kittle just has a huge ego and he thinks himself so important, along with the rest of his team, to speak on behalf of 12s everywhere that 12s hate the 49ers, but I am not sure "hate" is the correct word. 12s want the Seahawks to win the division, of course, and don't want the 49ers to win, but would we rather have the Rams win the division or the 49ers? Hmmm...