Seattle Seahawks news: The 2023 kids alright

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The 2023 rookie minicamp for the Seattle Seahawks runs from May 12th through the 14th. While head coach Pete Carroll is always psyched about having young players in town, he seems especially excited about this year's class. Maybe because the 2022 class was so good they helped catapult the team into the postseason. Heck, the 2023 class could catapult the team into the NFC championship game.

But while the rookies are participating in on-field drills, there isn't really any tackling and the camp is more for getting to know the Seahawks way. Also, not sure what anyone would expect from a group of players who have never played together to actually look like a cohesive unit. The players will at least get an idea of the kind of plays that will be called in real games.

But per Carroll, something feels different about this group and this offseason.

"I really am charged about this group, and the whole offseason, there's been a sense that something special is happening. I've felt this before in other years coming off of the year before not quite getting the business taken care of, and you can feel that it's there for us."

Seattle Seahawks rookies get their jersey numbers

Seattle is being really cautious with first-round picks Devon Witherspoon and Jaxon Smith-Njigba, however. Sure, both players had hamstring problems in the offseason, but let's be real. The truth is there is no real need to rush them into any complicated on-field practice. There is time for that before the season starts and if Week 1 were in two weeks, both players would likely be ready to play.

The rookies also received their jersey numbers. Some, like running back Kenny McIntosh, will have to play well to live up to the player who recently wore their numbers. Those players and numbers look like this:

Receiver Smith-Njigba - 11

Cornerback Witherspoon - 21

Running back McIntosh - 25 (Richard Sherman's former number)

Running back Zach Charbonnet - 26

Safety Jerrick Reed II - 32

Center Olu Oluwatimi - 51

Edge rusher Derrick Hall - 58

Guard Anthony Bradford - 70

Nose tackle - Cameron Young - 93

Defensive end Mike Morris - 94

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Speaking of Young, he showed up to camp weighing more than expected (320 pounds). While normally that is a bad thing, Young needed to add weight as it is anticipated he will be a nose tackle and needs to be bulky. Showing up heavier seems to imply Young knows his role and is ready to play.