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Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith changes his diet

Geno Smith has taken over the role of QB1 with the Seahawks and has acted like he's held the job for 10 years and will hold it for 10 more. That is exactly what a team wants from its starting quarterback. Smith also seems interested in constantly trying to find new ways to improve his ability on the field and his health off of it.

According to NBC Sports' Peter King, Smith has become a pescatarian. Smith told King, "I haven’t had chicken or beef in four or five months now. I’ve been eating really healthy, really clean." Don't worry, 12s, however. Just because Smith isn't eating beef or chicken doesn't mean he isn't getting enough protein. There are lots of different high-quality protein options for people who don't eat chicken or beef, and Smith can still eat seafood. (And what better city is there to eat seafood in than Seattle, right?)

Smith also hopes that because he has slimmed down a bit, but still kept muscle mass, that this will allow him to be more mobile in 2023. There were times in 2022 that Smith kept drives alive by scrambling a bit, but there were times when it seemed he should have run but didn't. He is clearly capable of picking up some yards with his legs as needed, so maybe he will do more of that this season.

Smith surprisingly had one of the best seasons of any Seahawks quarterback ever in 2022. He was awarded with the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year after leading the NFC in touchdown passes (30) and the entire league in completion percentage (69.8). He could be even better this year.