Seahawks News: Marshawn Lynch, Jordyn Brooks, Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman

  • Beast Mode talks Russell Wilson
  • Brooks is astonishing
  • A new LOB restaurant opens
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Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor's new restaurant is open

Chancellor and Sherman had previously announced they were going to open a restaurant in Bellevue, Washington (just across Lake Washington from Seattle, if you don't know the area) called Legion. Legion is a 7,500-square-foot space that offers, among other things, "elevated soul food" and craft drinks. The space also has 25 TVs so if you can't make it to Lumen Field, you can always stop by Legion and catch the game there.

The restaurant opened on Tuesday, a bit past the original date Sherman and Chancellor had hoped for, but still plenty early in the Seahawks season. If you live near Seattle or simply are flying in to see Seattle play, Legion's hours are 11 am to midnight every day except Sunday when the restaurant closes at 11 pm.

In other Richard Sherman news, the former Seahawks cornerback who is currently a part-time partner with the irritating Skip Bayless on FS1's "Undisputed" weighed in on the NBA's Denver Nuggets. Weird to hear Sherman talking basketball and being outspoken about it, but that's his job now.

Sherman basically blasted the Nuggets, and Denver coach Michael Malone, saying no one will remember Malone or that Denver won the NBA championship last year. I get that Sherman is making a name for himself as a talking head on the FS1 show, but the Nuggets probably will be remembered, even if they only win one championship. NBA fans tend to recall stuff like that.