Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Abraham Lucas, Tariq Woolen and power rankings

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Tariq Woolen
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What's up with Tariq Woolen?

Maybe Woolen, a 2022 Pro Bowler as a rookie, was more injured than we understood to be the case when he hurt his knee in minicamp. Woolen then had surgery and missed a bunch of training camp and all of preseason. He's played every game in 2023, though, but he simply hasn't been as good as he was in 2022.

According to PFF, Woolen is the worst-graded Seahawks cornerback in 2023 by a long stretch. In fact, Michael Jackson, who lost his starting spot to Tre Brown in the preseason, is ranked as the 24th-best CB in the league. Brown is 16th. Rookie Devon Witherspoon is 13th. But Woolen is 61st.

In 2022, Woolen allowed 55.3 percent of the passes thrown in his direction to be completed. But in 2023, that number has jumped to 67.6. Woolen gave up 5 touchdowns last year, but he had 6 interceptions. This year, he has already allowed 3 touchdowns but has just 1 pick. Woolen had 10 passes broken up in 2022, but just 3 so far this year. Seattle needs Woolen to play better the rest of the season.

FanSided's power rankings

After losing to Baltimore so badly, one might think that Seattle would plummet in most power rankings. That isn't the case in FanSided's latest rankings, though. Last week, Seattle was ranked 9th and this week they are 12th. The Seahawks played like a bottom-half of the league against the Ravens, though.

Maybe the rankings show that we just shouldn't overreact to one horrible game. Seattle's next opponent, the Commanders, are ranked 20th. The week after facing Washington, Seattle will play the Los Angeles Rams and the Rams are currently ranked 28th.

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