Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Devon Witherspoon, DK Metcalf and 2024 first-round pick

  • Where would Seattle pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft?
  • Pete Carroll says a concerning thing
  • Spoon is nicked up
  • DK gets dissed

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Pete Carroll's comments are concerning

12s have listening to Pete Carroll's comments for 14 seasons now. We know that he is going to be overly positive, with short bursts of prickliness depending on how dumb the question directed at him is, and generalities when it comes to injuries. But recent comments made by Carroll could make one rightfully wonder if he is truly aware of how deep some of the Seahawks' issues, especially defensively, go.

In his post-game comments after the Seahawks loss to the San Francisco 49ers, Carroll said the 49ers did "nothing new" and ran the same plays that the Seahawks had practiced against in the week before the game. Fine. But 12s have seen this week after week now. They understand what teams are going to do against them, says Carroll, but Seattle cannot stop it. Much like an aging boxer who knows a punch is coming but does not have the capability to defend himself.

Even worse, Carroll said stopping the 49ers explosive plays and Seattle's inability to slow San Francisco - the 49ers averaged 9.9 yards per play and gained 527 total yards - is "easily fixed." That is horrifying to hear Carroll say because he might actually believe that. If the issues were easily fixed, wouldn't they have been resolved already?

The concern is that the Seahawks do not appear to have the ability to easily fix anything. We have been witness to Seattle's defensive problems for a number of seasons now. Pete Carroll might need to look in the mirror and reassess his thinking a bit.