Seahawks News: Pete Carroll, Jamal Adams, Lionel Messi and Leonard Williams

  • The coach deserves a lot of respect for one very good reason
  • Jamal Adams does his best Lionel Messi
  • How much does Leonard Williams improve the team?
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The Seattle Seahawks are 5-2, in first place in the NFC West, and second overall in the NFC. How real is Seattle? Who knows? But they have won enough games to legitimately be in the position they are.

Seattle's defense didn't have a great day in Week 8 against the Cleveland Browns, as they gave up 385 total yards to a team with a backup quarterback. But even on one of their recent bad days, the defense was still better than much of 2021 and 2022. The defense is period and has more talent this year. Period.

Seattle is probably not as good as they will be in 2024, either. 12s got a bit spoiled with how immediately productive the 2022 rookie class was. The 2023 class is improving as well but is going to be better next year. But in hopes of making 2023 better, Seattle traded for Leonard Williams on Monday.

Seattle Seahawks likely make one of the bigger moves at the trade deadline

What does Seattle need to be better? Some areas of concern heading into 2023 haven't been worrying at all, while other spots have been. For instance, many might have thought one of the weakest position groups on the team before the season was the defensive line. Instead, Jarran Reed and friends have been really good as the rush defense is better overall and Seattle is getting a good interior pass rush.

Still, the defensive line could always use more depth and talent. Mario Edwards, Jr. has been solid at one end spot opposite Dre'Mont Jones and next to Reed, but now Seattle has added Leonard Williams to the D-line mix. Williams hasn't put up huge sack numbers in the last couple of years, but one can assume a change of scenery will rejuvenate him. Imagine how good a Seahawks defensive line with Jones, Reed, and Williams might be.

The trade deadline is at 1 pm PT on Tuesday, October 31. According to Sports Illustrated's Albert Greer, Seattle was likely to be "active on the phone" trying to get a deal or two done. General manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll don't normally wait around too much if they think they have a real chance of having a very successful season. They added edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney in 2020 and that worked out fairly well for one year.

One year is all Williams might be in Seattle, too. Or if he comes in and dominates, which he is capable of, then Seattle might try to get him to sign an extension. Let's hope Williams is good enough where he makes Schneider have to figure out how to make room for him under next year's cap ceiling.