Seahawks news: ESPN projects 2023 stats and potential trade backs

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The 2023 NFL draft is next week so clearly the excitement is building for who the new Seattle Seahawks will be. Literally anything can happen in this draft for Seattle as they have two first-round choices and two second-round picks. General manager John Schneider always likes to move pieces around so it will be interesting to see if Seattle trades back at any point (more on that in just a minute).

Let's start with some statistic projections for the 2023 Seahawks as put together by ESPN's Mike Clay. Of course, none of these projections include 2023 draftees because we have no idea who they are yet. Therefore, take the projections with a grain of salt as they will be affected by new players taking snaps away from veterans.

There are a few notable numbers for Seattle this coming season, if Clay is correct. First, Geno Smith will have another solid year with 27 touchdown passes against 11 interceptions. He will be sacked 44 times, however, so not sure that says much about how well the offensive line play is.

Kenneth Walker will run for 1,187 yards but on 270 carries which seems like too many. Tyler Lockett will dip below the 1,000 yard receiving mark for the first time since 2018. Maybe most importantly, though, is that Clay has Jamal Adams projected to play 869 snaps. That would basically equal 2021 and be his second-most since 2019.

Seahawks news for Monday: Potential trade back partners in 2023 draft

As far as potential partners for trades for the Seahawks in the draft, CBS Sports thinks there are four. One of these includes Seattle trading the number 5 overall pick. With this trade, Seattle would move down from 5 to 11 with the Tennessee Titans and also pick up the number 72 overall choice, number 186 overall as well, and a 2024 first-rounder. Not bad.

There are two trades where CBS Sports says the Seahawks would trade up. The first of these sees Seattle trading up to number 12 with the Texans and giving Houston the numbers 20 and 37 overall choices and a 2024 first-rounder. Seattle would then draft Will Levis.

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That last trade I wouldn't be a huge fan of because I am not a big fan of Levis's. I also don't like giving up that much draft capital for Levis. But again, this is a Seahawks draft and anything can happen.