Seahawks News: Richard Sherman, Russell Wilson, power ranking and Week 12 picks

  • Who is picking who to win?
  • Did Seattle diss Russell Wilson on purpose?
  • Power rankings for Week 12

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Who's picking who in Week 12?

So who is picking the Seahawks to win in Week 12 on Thanksgiving Day? I will tell you when I find someone. OK, that is partly a joke but the 49ers do have all the momentum entering the game while Seattle's offense is struggling and the Seahawks will have a banged-up Geno Smith at quarterback and won't have RB1 Kenneth Walker III.

I don't see how Seattle pulls this one off, either. Of course, I have been happily surprised by Pete Carroll-led teams in the past when I expected a loss. That has happened quite a bit, so one more time would make for a great Thanksgiving surprise. But to win, the Seahawks' defense would have to be consistently brilliant throughout the game and Seattle offensively would have to take advantage of the 49ers missing safety Hufanga. Maybe an explosive play or five with DK Metcalf involved.

Are the 49ers as good as the Baltimore Ravens? Possibly, and we all saw how poorly that game went for the Seahawks. Maybe because this is an intradivision matchup, weird things will happen. But I will shut my mind off and pretend the three games between Seattle and San Francisco in 2022 did not happen. I think San Francisco wins 34-17. Here is what other people smarter than I am think.

Ali Bhanpuri ( 49ers 27 Seattle 18
Tom Blair ( 49ers 24 Seattle 20
Brooke Cersosimo ( 49ers 26 Seattle 22
Gennaro Filice ( 49ers 30 Seattle 19
Dan Parr ( 49ers 25 Seattle 16
Mike Florio (NBC Sports): 49ers 28 Seattle 17
Chris Simms (NBC Sports): 49ers 27 Seattle 17
Bob Condotta (Seattle Times): 49ers 27 Seattle 17
Adam Jude (Seattle Times): 49ers 21 Seattle 17

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