Seahawks news: One mock draft has Seattle trading back well out of the top ten

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The 2023 NFL draft is later this week and it is an exciting time to be a little bit crazy. But crazy enough for the Seahawks to trade out of the top ten picks? One site has Seattle doing just that.

I am not saying Evan Silva of Establish the Run is wrong but it does seem a little far-fetched for Seattle to go from pick 5 overall all the way down to pick 16 (Seattle would trade pick 5 for the Washington Commanders' pick 16). I can see a scenario, several in fact, where the Seahawks trade back from 5 to pick 7 or pick 9. There might even be a situation where Seattle trades back to number 11 with the Tennessee Titans.

While pick 11 is outside the top ten, of course, it is just barely and there is a huge difference between picks 11 and 16. But imagine the difference in that potential quality and compare pick 5 to 16. Trading 11 picks back surely would make 12s quite unhappy.

Seahawks trading out of the top ten in the 2023 NFL draft to pick 16 seems far-fetched

The 2023 NFL draft is exciting for Seahawks fans because not only do they have two first-round picks but their favorite team has the fifth overall pick. Would a 12 be as excited if they knew going into the draft that Seattle had picks 16 and 20 overall? Maybe not as much excitement.

Silva doesn't say what Seattle gets back in return from the Commanders to entice them to move from 5 to 16 and that's a big part of what I want to know. What exactly did Washington offer the Seahawks in return for Seattle trading back so much? The rest of Washington's draft picks? (I joke, but only half-heartedly.)

With the 16th pick, Silva has Seattle taking Iowa edge rusher Lukas Van Ness even though Silva's reason for Seattle taking Van Ness reads, "Seattle loves trading down and badly needs help on the defensive front." But Van Ness doesn't help so much with the defensive front, does he? At this point, Van Ness is a linebacker who only does one thing potentially well: Rush the quarterback.

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Silva is likely a better writer than I am, and probably smarter and a generally better person, too. But the Seahawks trading back from pick 5 to 16 would definitely irk me as a Seahawks fan. I mean, Seattle could have Will Anderson, Jr., or Jalen Carter, or Tyree Wilson at pick 5. Instead, they move back and take a guy who never started in college and might never stop the run. That would be disappointing.