Seahawks News: Tyler Lockett, Dareke Young, Drew Lock and Earl Thomas

  • Seattle activates a good special teams player
  • Tyler Lockett is at a loss for words
  • A former Seattle safety has his ID stolen
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The Seattle Seahawks are 5-3. I don't write that to be shocking because that record should not be surprising. Yet, I recently asked a question on 12th Man Rising Facebook about who the Seahawks' midseason offensive and defensive MVPs might be and the first response I got was from a guy named Kenny and was as follows:

"I’d say for the offense, the MVP is opposing defenses. For the defense, Bobby Wagner. I think his veteran presence has helped…though I was tempted to say opposing offenses."

If I am understanding that correctly, Kenny is meaning a slight towards both sides of the ball for a 5-3 - again, I repeat...5-3 - Seattle football team. (By the way, I hid the comment on Facebook because I found it so ridiculous, though I posted it here so judge me if you will.)

If the season were to end today, the Seahawks would be in the postseason. Maybe the team won't be by the time the playoffs actually begin, but we can only judge the team by what we have seen so far, and so far the team is 5-3. Here is some other news for Thursday.

Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett has no words to express Week 9

OK, so going from that complaint about someone implying both Seattle's offense and defense has been bad this season, I will go at least to a specific example of Seattle not being good in 2023: Week 9. Blowouts of your favorite team are not pretty, of course, but they happen. The question is how the team bounces back the next week.

Asked immediately after Week 9 in the post-game press conference about what went wrong, Lockett wasn't sure. He said, "People just trying to figure out what happened. It wasn’t a good showing at all for us. It was just one of those things where it was unexpected."

So, shell-shocked. That's the best description of the team after Week 9. Thankfully, they face a struggling Washington Commanders team in Week 10. Lose that game and Seattle will have real problems.