Seahawks News: Tyler Lockett, Dareke Young, Drew Lock and Earl Thomas

  • Seattle activates a good special teams player
  • Tyler Lockett is at a loss for words
  • A former Seattle safety has his ID stolen
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Drew Lock
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Drew Lock won't be QB1 and Dareke Young gets activated

Geno Smith hasn't been playing as well as he was through the first 10 games or so of 2022. Part of the problem for Smith is he played so unexpectedly well last year that many may have thought he would only get better. But he struggled a bit in the second half of 2022 and he's had a lot of turnovers in 2023. The worst part is what has happened with Smith lately as he has 8 turnovers in his last four games and 7 interceptions in his last six games. He is trending downward.

But head coach Pete Carroll is not going to make a switch to Drew Lock anytime soon. First, Carroll, like most head coaches, judges a player over seasons and not a few games. Lock hasn't proven he can be better than Smith and I am not talking about games; He hasn't shown Seattle coaches in practice that he is better than Smith. While many aren't happy with Smith's play right now, Carroll has earned enough credibility since 2010 so we should trust his decision on which quarterback to play.

In more positive news than Geno Smith's play of late, wide receiver/special teams ace Dareke Young has been designated to return to practice. He has been on injured reserve due to an abductor injury since the beginning of the season.

Young probably won't get a ton of reps at receiver, but he does well on coverage teams and likes to hit people and hit people hard. He might not be a Pro Bowler, but his energy helps get other players fired up. That is never a bad thing.