Seahawks News: Tyler Lockett, Dareke Young, Drew Lock and Earl Thomas

  • Seattle activates a good special teams player
  • Tyler Lockett is at a loss for words
  • A former Seattle safety has his ID stolen
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Earl Thomas
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Earl Thomas has his ID used in theft scam

Poor Earl Thomas. Since leaving the Seattle Seahawks he has not had the good life. He played for the Baltimore Ravens for a year and didn't seem well-liked by his teammates. This was after the last thing he did in Seattle was be carted off the field due to an injury and he flipped his middle finger toward the Seahawks sideline. "Classy" was never Earl Thomas' middle name.

He's also had some legal issues since he stopped playing in 2019. But his most recent legal problem was having his identity taken, and he knows the person who took it. This is where it gets messy.

Kevin J. Thompson was arrested in New Orleans in June of this year on charges related to stealing Thomas's identity, as well as forgery, money laundering, apparently having a credit card in Thomas's name, and other items. The total scheme totaled $1.9 million. The thing is that Thompson is Thomas's ex-wife's boyfriend. Ew.

Thompson basically pretended to be Earl Thomas to get money and he succeeded a bit. But the bottom line is don't steal, kids. The crime will catch up to you sooner or later.

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