4 former Seahawks next in line for a Hall of Fame induction

The Seattle Seahawks could soon have several former and recent players inducted in Canton, Ohio.
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Former Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman needs to make the Hall of Fame, but one might wonder if his outspokenness might cost him a few votes. Not that Sherman was wrong in what he said or thought, but Hall voters can sometimes carry grudges and not vote for people they don't like. It's unfair, sure, but emotion does go into the voting some. But from his play on the field, Sherman should be in Canton.

Sherman was a three-time First-Team All-Pro between 2012 and 2014. In 2012 and 2013, he had 8 interceptions in each of those years. He also had an astonishing 24 passes defended in 2012 but teams basically stopped throwing to his side of the field by 2014 so his PD numbers went down quite a bit. He also liked to tackle, and this was rare for a cornerback. Still is for the most part.

Sherman was just made differently. He epitomized what it was like to play with the proverbial chip on one's shoulder. He likely felt slighted as he was a fifth-round draft pick who became a cornerback after starting off as a receiver in college. He was basically the forerunner to current Seattle CB Tariq Woolen as both had the same progression from receiver to corner.

In his 11 seasons in the league, Sherman had 37 interceptions (32 with Seattle), and 116 passes defended (99 with Seattle). He also had 12 PDs in 15 playoff games and 4 interceptions. He likely would had more but Sherman didn't shrink in big games and quarterbacks were even more afraid to throw his way in the postseason.