NFC West Predictions: A look at where the Seattle Seahawks will finish

Entering the 2023 season, the NFC West is a two team race among the best in the conference

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Entering the 2023 NFL regular season, the Seattle Seahawks look to build off the momentum of a strong 2022 campaign. With all the right pieces in place, they look to slay the demon in the 49ers, who swept them last year, winning all 3 matchups.

That, of course, is no easy task. San Francisco has ranked as one of the better teams in the entire NFC over the last three seasons. Coming off 3 NFC Championship appearance's in the last 4 seasons, the 49ers are hoping this year is the one where they can maintain health and finally obtan their end goal.

Things aren't quite as optimistic in Arizona and Los Angeles. They will both be bad this season, but for different reasons. With more questions than answers surrounding these orginazations, I wouldn't be shocked if they were two of the worse teams in the entire NFL.

NFC West Predictions: Where do the Seahawks stand?

This year in the NFC West, a new divisional champion will be crowned. A familiar one, in fact. Since taking over in 2010, Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks have won 5 NFC West division titles. This year will mark the 6th, getting back on top of the West three years removed from their last divisional title.

12-5. 1. 36. . NFC West Standings. . . . .

Seattle seems to be flying under the radar. Many are discussing Detriot and Dallas as the top contenders in the NFC outside of Philly and San Fran. But, the Seahawks followed up their season with another strong draft class and free agent signings. Questions loom around Geno and his ability to repeat what he did last year. But, the Seahawks are invested in making this work with him under center. This is no longer a feel-good Cinderella story. It's his story. There story. The Seahawks story.

. . 42. NFC West Standings. . . . . 2. 11-6

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the most physical teams in the NFL. Last year, not a single team won their following game after facing the 49ers. However, they are a true mystery at the most important position in the world. I know Brock Purdy was undefeated in games he started and finished, but their just isn't a big enough sample size for me to believe in his body of work. However, they are well coached and have one of the more complete rosters in the NFL.

NFC West Standings. . . 4-13. . . 3. . . 51

The Los Angeles Rams could be a seller come the trade deadline. They are a top-heavy team with aging veterans with big contracts. Headlines starting with McVay's commitment to Stafford's unwilling desire to restructure his contract all the way to most recent with Kupp's hamstring injury, things aren't looking to bright in Hollywood. If they get off to a slow start, I would expect them to make some moves and enter the Tank for Caleb sweepstakes.

NFC West Standings. . 32. . . 2-15. . 4. .

Did the Arizona Cardinals hire the right coach? Will Kyler Murray come back this season and play? These are two of the large questions surrounding this team. Only time will be able to provide the answers. But as of right now, it appears as if the Cardinals are in tank mode. I have them picking up two wins on the year, splitting the series with the Rams and beating the Texans. With Josh Dobbs under center and little to no offensive weaponry, it's going to be hard for me to imagine Arizona being in a lot of competitive games.

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