Not so fast on Seahawks three-peat had Seattle won Super Bowl XLIX

Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman are convinced the Seahawks would have three-peated if the won Super Bowl XLIX, but there are several factors working against them in this revision of history.
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The magical potential Seahawks three-peat

There have been some who've won three out of four, e.g. the 49ers, Cowboys, and Patriots, but never three straight. This tells you just how hard it is to do, and how phenomenal such an achievement would be. Regardless, Carroll and Sherman are convinced the Seahawks would have been the first team to do it. In fairness, you can appreciate why the duo would believe this.

There is no denying the talent and confidence of one of the most colorful rosters in NFL history. In terms of facts and figures to back up the claim, the main thing that comes to mind is a defense that allowed the fewest points in the NFL during the 2015 regular season. As a result, the Seahawks became just the second team ever to lead the league in fewest points allowed for four consecutive seasons. (The other team was the Browns, way back in the 1950s.)

Still, on the defense, they also allowed the fewest yards in 2015. In fairness the offense wasn't too shabby either, ranking tied-fourth for most points scored and fourth outright in yards. With statistics like this, it would be fair to ask why the Seahawks didn't win Super Bowl 50 regardless of the outcome of the previous game in Tempe, Arizona? However, as Carroll put it, the Butler interception sent everyone to a dark place.