Why the Seattle Seahawks offense can be special in 2023

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks
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When Seahawks QB Geno Smith has stability 

We talked earlier about the Seahawks offensive explosion midway through last season, and Geno Smith had a lot to do with that. The comeback player of the year played like an MVP during that stretch, and the biggest keys to that stretch was due to three three things:

1 - Better rush defense

2 - A competent WR3

3 - A competent interior offensive line

When you look at Geno's numbers when the IOL of Austin Blythe and Gabe Jackson were holding up, Geno was able to step up in the pocket and into the MVP conversation.

Geno's nine-game run translated to 17 games:

36 TDs/ 7.5 INTs

70.87 completion percentage

272.4 YPG= 4,630 passing yards

112.1 passer rating 

Those are numbers that would put Geno on par with the likes of Mahomes, Burrow, and Hurts. He was that good. Now, he has a better center, should have a better RG, has a very good pass-blocking RB in Charbonnet who's also an upgrade in the passing game, and the best slot WR to enter the league in maybe a decade.

A tougher schedule in 2023 for Seattle means probably a little bit more passing will be needed. Those are borderline MVP numbers we saw last year, and now there are massive upgrades. Arguably the greatest Ram of all time had the greatest comeback story in Kurt Warner. He rode his fairytale ride to a championship. Geno Smith may have a run like that in him to finish his fairytale story in 2023.