3 offseason mistakes that could cost Seahawks a playoff spot in 2023

The Seahawks have a roster trending up in 2023 but three offseason mistakes could keep them from making the playoffs.
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Seahawks didn't bring back Al Woods

The Seattle Seahawks did a lot to upgrade their roster this offseason. Getting a potentially excellent WR3 - and let's be honest, future WR2 once Tyler Lockett begins to slow down a bit - in the first round of the 2023 NFL draft with Jaxon Smith-Smith gives Geno Smith and the offense more variety and makes the unit even more dangerous to opposing defenses. Adding Devon Witherspoon at corner in the first round also should improve the secondary for the next half-decade, at least.

But Seattle still might have a big hole in the middle of the defensive line. Sure, Seattle chose Cam Young in the 2023 draft, but there's no guarantee he can be good. And thinking a rookie nose tackle can come into the league and be immediately and high-level effective against veteran offensive linemen is a big ask. Young still needs to add some quality size, including muscle mass and not just mass in general, to consistently eat up blockers.

The 2022 version of the Seahawks defensive line was not good, especially against the run. But Al Woods was not the problem. In fact, Woods was legit good when he was in the game. Even at 36 years old, Woods is likely going to be effective for his new team, the New York Jets. And Woods only signed for $2,250,000. Seattle should have brought Woods back to eliminate the nose tackle problem heading into 2023.

In 2022, according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required), Woods had a good run defense grade of 65.2. But in 2021, his grade was a sterling 80.3. He's still capable of getting close to that number again. Plus, Woods had 13 total pressures last year so he can sometimes make quarterbacks nervous. Seattle just doesn't have that right now.