3 players the Seattle Seahawks should pass on in the 2023 NFL draft

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Seahawks should avoid drafting quarterback Will Levis

I can see why a lot of people like Will Levis. Seeing him throw is like eye-candy to quarterback watchers. His arm talent is without question as he has a quick release and can throw it 60 yards with ease. But there have been a lot of quarterbacks who have an excellent ability to throw a ball but never made good NFL quarterbacks.

Remember Ryan Leaf? Of course, you do. Or maybe any other number of quarterbacks who were drafted high in the draft but never panned out. Heck, Zach Wilson appears to be doing that with the Jets currently.

Levis may not have had the best receivers at the University of Kentucky, I understand that. But if you want to watch game film that scares you, watch Levis against the University of Tennessee last season. He threw 3 interceptions and could have had 6. The issue wasn't his receivers. It was almost like Levis didn't see the field well at all and made atrocious decisions.

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The Seahawks have good young talent at multiple positions. The defense should be better in 2023 and beyond, especially if they draft high-end defensive talent in the 2023 draft. But a quarterback who turns the ball over a bunch can hurt the best of teams and this is what I think Levis does.