One site says Seahawks coach Pete Carroll not among the best in the NFL

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Pro Football Focus (subscription required) is currently ranking everything, it seems. But they are way off in not including Seahawks coach Pete Carroll among the 10 best coaches in the NFL. Maybe some articles are meant to provoke, or maybe there just isn't much investigation into the facts (I can't speak for the PFF writer, though), but either way, ranking some of the coaches above Carroll is extremely near-sighted.

Trevor Sikkema was the PFF writer who wrote the article ranking, in his opinion, the best 10 coaches in the league. He bases his ranking on, well...I am not sure really. He doesn't give any criteria for how or why the coaches are on his list. It's more of a, "Here ya go..." kind of thing.

He has Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs number one. OK, fine. Difficult to argue with a coach who has taken two different franchises to Super Bowls while his current team has won two in the last four seasons and will likely win some more in the near future.

Seattle Seahawks get dissed again by one site's ranking of head coaches

Number two is Bill Belichick. Sikkema says Belichick could even rank number one as he was the leader of the team (the New England Patriots, of course) during the longest run of success in league history. That's probably true, but one could argue a bunch of that could also be due to Tom Brady being the quarterback.

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I can see both of those coaches being ranked ahead of Pete Carroll, but one could easily argue the Seahawks coached got disrespected by not being ranked even third. Coaches number 9 and 10 on the list are the Buffalo Bills Sean McDermott and the New York Giants Brian Daboll. Those guys over Carroll? No way, and just...why?

Heck Carroll's team even beat Daboll's team in 2022. Daboll has only been a head coach for one year in the NFL, for goodness' sake. McDermott's teams so far seem to struggle against the same-level competition in the playoffs.

The Philadelphia Eagles Nick Sirianni is number 8. Sikkema argues that Jalen Hurts took a huge leap under Sirianni and that's true, he did. But name one quarterback going back even to Carrol's USC days that wasn't better under Carroll's tutelage and Carroll isn't even an offensive-minded head coach. The offensive coordinators have changed for the Seahawks but a relatively high level of play has been consistent for Seattle since 2010. Why? It's called coaching and having a head coach like Pete Carroll set the tone of a successful culture.

Since Pete Carroll entered the league in 2010 and had to almost completely rebuild the Seahawks roster (which some forget), he has led the Seahawks to the fifth-most wins (128), fifth-best winning percentage (61.2 percent), the second-most playoff appearances (10), and the fifth-most playoff wins (10). Oh, and the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl in the 2013 season.

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Of Daboll, Sikkema writes, he "is a head coach who can raise both the floor and ceiling of a roster no matter where it is in its rebuild or winning window. Those are characteristics of a great head coach." He's correct with the words, but he just wrote them about the wrong coach and should have written them about Pete Carroll.