For Pete's Sake: Critical observations from Seahawks preseason Week 2 win

The Seahawks defeated the Cowboys in preseason Week 2 and we learned quite a bit about the team.
Aug 10, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown (22)
Aug 10, 2023; Seattle, Washington, USA; Seattle Seahawks cornerback Tre Brown (22) / Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports
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Seahawks take the third quarter off

The Cowboys start the second half with a big pass on play-action, connecting for 20 yards. Tre Brown absolutely shuts down the next play, dropping the receiver for a two-yard loss. Dallas connects over the middle to the tight end - where have we heard that before, 12s - then hits the tight end again for 12 yards and a first. The third straight reception by a tight end moves the ball to the Hawks 14-yard line, and Cowboys RB Deuce Vaughn spins out of a tackle and scores. As solid as the defense looked for most of the first half, I was having flashbacks to 2021 on that drive. We want Spoon!

Holton Ahlers is the Seahawks guy the rest of the way. After a three-yard run by Thompson, Bobo picks up 15 yards. Another three-yard run by SaRodrick, then he cuts through the hole to the outside for what should have been about 15 yards, but holding kills the play. A pass to the flat goes nowhere, setting up third and 22. A false start sets up third and 22. Dareke Young drops the pass on another tough play. It would only have picked up six or seven yards, but he's got to make those catches. Comparing the plays we've seen from Bobo and Young, Young's in trouble. Seahawks punt, and long snapper Chris Stoll and Levi Bell are in on the stop.

The Cowboys start at their 11, and Tyreke Smith cuts Vaughn down. The Hawks stuff the next run, and Artie Burns breaks up a deep pass to force a very quick three-and-out. Thank goodness Mike Jack wasn't in coverage. The Cowboys punt and Tyjon Lindsey jets for a 27-yard return, setting up Seattle at the Dallas 40. Lindsey hauls in an eight-yard catch, then Thompson is dropped for a two-yard loss. On third and four from the Dallas 31, Thompson takes the ball to the 28. On fourth and one, Ahlers is stuffed, Cowboys take over. The Hawks offensive line got zero push and seemed to be set for the wrong play. Ahlers is a big guy, but communication is more important in that situation. Let's see if the Seahawks can get another three-and-out.

Deuce Vaughn doesn't look like a three-down back, as he's dropped for no gain again, this time by John Cena - I mean Levi Bell. Dallas picks up two on second down, then connects for a big gain on third down, with Coby Bryant laying a big hit on the receiver. Grier scrambles for eight yards, then Vaughn picks up the first, putting the ball at Seattle's 38. Jordan Ferguson jumps offside, and Robinson calls out, "That's a Mike B offsides". That comment was the most entertaining moment of the half so far. With that, the third quarter is done. The Cowboys definitely outplayed the Hawks in this stanza, gaining 117 yards versus the Seahawks 25.